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One of the best things about western Australia is the generosity of the people here. Everyone is really lovely and loves to help out. From times to times the people i...

by Roman and Christin
Every night we walked alone. But there were hundreds of eyes staring at us.
by Cristina Roura

As the company that Oliver worked for had an office in Australia, he gave it a shot and sent out an e-mail. There was success, with an email replying ‘why a...

This was not your typical yoga studio. It was made from limestone with carpeted floors and natural light, with a focus on yin yoga and teachers who radiated positive energy and acceptance.
by Kaley Kettering
Whale sharks, are not actually the flesh-eating shark you traditionally think of. A whale shark enjoys a nice light meal of plankton and has zero interest in nibbling on your leg.


-37.8284212, 140.7803529

Mount Gambier Swimming Hole
Instagram: @the_adventure_of_us_

-28.1750101, 137.2923893

Lake Eyre
Instagram: @hartsontour

-27.4697707, 153.0251235

Instagram @lightfactor92

-37.8136276, 144.9630576

Melbourne - Pink Skies
Instagram: @photo_shots_scapes

-30.894224, 153.040134

Fish Rock Cave - South West Rocks Dive Centre
Instagram: @iamrickyt @tamaragarci

-22.0709945, 113.9774289

Cape Range - Whale Sharks at Ningaloo!
Instagram: @rachelnicx

-33.782325, 150.3251167

Mount Solitary, Blue Mountains
Instagram: @smizmarz

-41.68, 145.94

Cradle Mountain
Instagram: @exploretasmaniawithus

-37.8136276, 144.9630576

Melbourne - Whoosh
Instagram: @dyuliadinata

-29.0138504, 134.753253

Coober Pedy - In the desert
Instagram: @belle_eau

-26.3766148, 153.1160568

Fairy pools, Noosa
Instagram: @adventurelover26

-22.0709945, 113.9774289

Cape Range National Park
Instagram: @lookin_for_frills

-16.3014378, 145.2480206

Daintree rainforest
Instagram: @jade_elise_collins

-31.9938622, 115.7510477

A sculpture from the annual Sculptures by the Sea event held in Cottesloe
Jade Lauren Bell

-31.986587705046, 115.75235975807

Sunset at Cottesloe Beach
Jade Lauren Bell

-34.44, 116.05

Camping near Pemberton
Jade Bell